80GW of Change

In a ground-breaking collaboration between the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights and the Heinrich Boll Foundation Isabel created the 80GW research & advocacy project to meet the need of Egyptian civil society for an equitable vision and data on the alternatives to coal and nuclear in response to the energy crisis. As the core project co-ordinator, lead author of the final report and one of the main communicators of the results, the essence of Isabel's vision runs through this project.

The English version in full is available here: http://tinyurl.com/zvm5xoj

The Arabic version in full is available here: http://tinyurl.com/j6ndflm


Project Process:



Isabel is in the process of developing of a consistent and transparent method of evaluating and measuring the impact of her work. In the meantime, here are six key impacts of her 80GW project co-ordination.

Extensive native and international written media coverage Arabic and English. (See below for links)

Egyptian Government policy makers created a proposal to Cabinet lifting the 7 pathways from 80GW.

More than 10 events, trainings & workshops convened on the back of the report's publication.

Follow-up funding for communication and advocacy of the project results secured and implemented.

Over 1,000 downloads each of the 80GW full reports in English and Arabic.

Egyptian Minister for Environment, Ambassador to Germany and Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs directly engaged with 80GW.

Media Coverage of 80GW includes:

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