Wales to Mongolia Sustainable Development Skills-Share

From ages 16 - 21 Isabel was an active member of the Welsh Government funded 'Welsh Youth Forum for Sustainable Development'. She also chaired the youth forum for 2 years, through its transition to 'Dyfodol' and the cutting of its funding from the Government. Before Dyfodol closed however, she created the Wales-Mongolia project which aimed to take 4 young Welsh sustainable development advocates and 4 Welsh youth not in employment or training who were new to sustainable development, on an overland journey to Mongolia and back by train.

Mongolia was chosen because of a direct relationship between Isabel and a young Mongolian activist called Chimgee that Dyfodol fundraised to attend the climate negotiations. Chimgee was looking for inspiration and skills to share with her fellow young Mongolians and so the Wales-Mongolia sustainable development skills-share was dreamed up.

In September 2011 they started by train to Mongolia over the period of a week, building their workshop template and each others knowledge on the long train rides. The group stayed in Mongolia for 2 weeks, giving workshops in schools on climate change, and also having meetings with Mongolian activists and politicians. The project aimed to transform the perspectives of the 4 young people who were new to sustainable development, as well as engage new audiences and new ways of working together, both in Wales and across continents.