My Story

Isabel profile

Nobody has a short tale for how they do what they do, what led them there and what questions keep them evaluating and changing what they pursue. Still, here is something of my story because it has shaped me, my world view and my perspectives on the future.

I am from Wales, a small country with a large history that fosters a sense of place in those who grow from its soil. Growing up with a spacious horizon of sea in front of me and bolstered by green hills from behind, awe and respect for this planet started early and thrives in me today, wherever I am.

As someone one who’s had an upbringing connected to natural processes, I have experienced the dependable support of the natural world as an unquestioning foundation that I can stand on and look at the future; whilst also appreciating the role of change and renewal in life. I have always wanted to channel this connection into productive problem-solving, and where possible, give others the same feeling of dependable foundations from which to rest and look outwards at opportunities and problems.

I have followed opportunities to different places in the world for the last five years. After graduating in Law at the University of Bristol I lived in Beirut, Egypt, London, Wales and Finland. I am based in Wales and travel globally from here.

My view of the world embraces big-picture thinking, looking into the future for ideas and pathways that lead us out of our current silos/conundrum’s/deep and painful problems or social and economic constructs. Horizon thinking comes naturally to me. This generative, spacious and generous leadership of the sea is how I try to organise myself and my work.