Project Builder

Isabel's Approach to Project Building

Based on a guiding sense that her work should be useful and effective, Isabel uses the project-based approach to creating and organising her work to avoid path dependency and to ensure she keeps innovating with networks, tools and ideas. Working on issues with only buy-in from the margins has ensured Isabel is always cultivating a highly networked and collaborative way of thinking, working and doing that brings issues into a new arenas. She has experience in all parts of the project creation process; from the project's inception, applying for funding and creating work timelines all the way through to report authorship, accounts, communicating the results and reporting to funders. She also has varied experience in interviewing, employing, managing and co-working with freelance contractors, volunteers and full time employees.


Past Projects


Currently Isabel is working on a new programme calling 'Making Pathways', funded by Rockefeller Brothers Fund. As an Associate of Reos Partners, Isabel is designing accessible energy modelling, policies and communication software to support the face-to-face work of Energy Dialogues which bring together actors from across the local energy system to re-perceive the system, their role in it, and the potential and future of the energy system as a whole. Get in touch if you want this for your area or the place you work! 


80GW square cover-EN

80GW of Change

2015 - 2016

Isabel created the 80GW research & advocacy project to meet the need of Egyptian civil society for an equitable vision and data on the alternatives to coal and nuclear in response to Egypt's energy crisis. More here...

mada_masr loho

Training Egyptian Environmental Journalists


In collaboration with Mada Masr, Isabel got a training programme and competition funded for training, mentoring and publishing new Egyptian environmental journalists. Read more here...


Bristol Foodcycle

2009 - 2011

Isabel was part of the team establishing & coordinating Foodcycle Bristol as the ambitious service that it became: a weekly free three-course meal for up to 40 people suffering from food poverty, and a fundraising fortnightly student restaurant. Read more here...


Wales - Mongolia Skills-Share


In 2011 Isabel helped create and then lead a team of young people from Wales to Mongolia over land for a skills share on sustainable development and climate change issues. Read more here...


UN Fair Play

2009 - 2013

Isabel founded UN Fair Play to bring together young climate activists to support under represented but climate-impacted government delegations at the UN Climate Negotiations. They supported government delegations such as Kiribati, and authored a key report on inequities of representation and participation in the UNFCCC process. More here...