An adept and flexible researcher, Isabel has a range of research experience that you can find listed and linked below. To help lay out Isabel's approach to research, the Causal Layered Analysis method takes a quick dive below the surface:

Litany (What data and media coverage manifest the research on the surface?): Isabel expresses the (publicly available) results, communicating their value and what can be done as a result, in traditional and social media, events, briefing packages and one to one meetings to spread the research results.

System (What systemic causes can be used in the research?): Isabel will first aim to familiarise herself with the big picture of the field or issue relevant to the research. This enables her to orientate the core research purpose in its rightful landscape, addressing the systemic interconnections of society, environment, economy, culture, politics and technology.

Worldview (What is the structure and discourse that legitimises the systemic causes?): Depending on the commission, Isabel is very sensitive to external perceptions, uses (or misuses) and the political climate that the research is released into and shaped by. Having lived amongst very different cultures over the last 5 years, she is adept at understanding cultural and political cues that impact the worldview; as well as refusing to take information at face value, always digging deeper to understand the reasoning and interests in play.

Myth (What metaphors or myths represent the issue or can sum it up?): With a background in activism and campaigning, the messaging, framing and archetypal image that the reader takes away from the research is thought out from the beginning and then ingrained in the research outputs to build the unfolding story from its release onwards.

Below are the titles and links to her research organised according to:

  1. Scopings
  2. Reports & Chapters
  3. Briefings
  4. Talks & Presentations
  5. Articles & Opinion Pieces



Not for profit organisation 10:10 commissioned Isabel to scope out the potential for community led sustainable biomass heating solutions twinned with local forests and woodlands as a local climate solution. She also delivered templates for how such a campaign with could be structured in terms of funding, actors, organisational support, policies and biomass growth and production.


A one-month scoping of the 80GW of Change project to understand the political context, the potential actors and core team, as well as the timeline, budget and outputs of the potential project, funded by the Heinrich Boll Foundation. On the strength of the scoping's conclusions the 80GW project was funded.


2012 - 2014

Isabel was commissioned several times between 2011 - 2014 to provide policy scopings and briefings for Confor Wales and collaborating Welsh woodland and forestry groups. All were on forestry, woodlands, sustainable development and uplands policies of the Welsh Government, as well as scientific research related to these fields. Policy summaries and recommendations were drawn up with consultation from forestry experts in the field.

Reports & Chapters


[Energy Scenario] 80GW of Change: Egypt's Future Electricity Pathways 

Lead author for the energy scenario looking at 7 different pathways for how Egypt's electricity sector could create jobs, decarbonise, shift to renewables at various scales and generally choose an energy mix that is socially and environmentally sound. Available in English and Arabic.


[Report] Who’s Getting Ready for Zero?

A report on state of play of deep decarbonisation modelling and scenario-building around the world. I co-authored this report for Track 0 with the Centre for Alternative Technology Wales. Download or read the full report here and the executive summary here.

The report was covered in The Guardian article 'Sonderborg: the little-known Danish town with a zero carbon master plan'.

[Chapter] ‘The effects of environmental pollution on the poorest women in Cairo, Egypt’

With my Egyptian colleague Amena Sharaf we co-authored a chapter on how environmental pollution affects the poorest women in Cairo in this recently published book 'Why Women Will Save the Planet', you can buy a copy here.


[Report] Levelling the Playing Field: A report to the UNFCCC on Negotiating Capacity and Access to Information

Published on the UNFCCC website here.


[Technical Briefing] Betting on Coal

Lead researcher and author on a guide to coal and its potential impacts on Egypt – environmentally, socially and economically - for the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights. Produced in Arabic and English.

Technical Briefing on coal in Egypt in response to EBRD letter

In response to the EBRD's letter to Egyptian Civil Society on the issue of funding the switch from gas to coal for Egypt's cement industry, I authored this briefing responding to each of their arguments as to why their funding coal in Egypt is acceptable.

Published on the ECESR website here.

[Briefing] Water Pollution in Egypt

A brief on the causes and health and environment issues associated with the three main kinds of water pollution in Egypt's largest source of freshwater: the Nile.

Published in English here.

Talks & Presentations

2016: Guest Speaker in Turbulence speaker series on 'A D.I.Y Guide to Climate Change' for Finnish people.

Prezi here.

2014: Guest Lecture at the Netherlands Institute in Cairo on 'Ecosystems & Poverty in Egypt'.

Prezi here & media coverage here.

Panel contributor on the long-term goal for youth briefing at the August UNFCCC session, Bonn.

Malte's side event

Panel Speaker on behalf of Track 0 on the net zero long-term goal in the Paris Agreement & the Who's Getting Ready for Zero? report at side events in the Bonn UNFCCC intercessionals & at COP21 in Paris.

Multiple talks on 80GW of Change during 2016, explaining the energy scenario building process & the results, including at

  • An 'EU-MENA renewable energy co-operation' event in Brussels;
  • Deutsche Banke Business-to-Government dialogue at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2016 conference with high level Egyptian attendees;
  • At the German Science Centre in Cairo;
  • At the IEEFA 2016 conference, New York;
  • At the African Environment Ministers 2016 conference.

Articles & Opinion Pieces

See Isabel's publishing profile on Mada Masr here.

[Opinion Piece] Egypt's Potential Energy Pathways

Co-authored with ECESR's Amena Sharaf. Published on Mada Masr here.

[Article] Egypt's Polluted Waters

Written for World Water Day on March 22nd 2014, on the level of pollution in Egypt's Nile river. Published on Mada Masr here.

Listed in Jadalyyia's Egypt news roundup here.

[Article] The Enabling Atmosphere for Coal

What governmental, private and political interests are supporting the advent of coal in Egypt?

Featured in Foreign Policy's weekly roundup email, and recommended by Egypt's then-Minster of Environment. Published on Mada Masr here.

Featured on Business & Human Rights Egypt Resource Centre website here.

[Article] Court hears case against coal

News report on the hearing of the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights case against the government's decision to allow coal into Egypt. Published on Mada Masr here.

[Opinion Piece] In Search of an Energy Vision

An analysis of Egypt's lack of energy vision in 2014 and beyond, and how this forms the backbone of the energy crisis the country is experiencing. Published on Mada Masr here.

[Opinion Piece] The Environment in Egypt's New Constitution

How Egypt's latest constitution fails to address the countries environmental issues.

Assessing the  environmental rights and sustainable development referenced in Egypt's 2014 Constitution. Published on Mada Masr here.

[Opinion Piece] Zero Carbon Egypt

Featured in Zero Carbon Britain 2: Rethinking the Future. Published in the hardcopies and soft copy available here.

[Guest blog for FiELD] Egypt, Climate Change and Zero Carbon Development

Covering Egypt and the UNFCCC; policy; and where next.